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Another Update

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All servers are back online and Battle Royale is almost ready to be release. We have also changed our ip from to In the near future we will have multiple networks varied by languages. Hence why we are no longer using and instead (2 letter language abbreviation) We will soon also have all websites translated so this english forum community domain will be changed from to something along the lines of We are doing this to create more of a community on both forums and networks. If you can translate text from english to another language message me!

Whats next

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As some of you may have already noticed our servers are offline. We are currently seeking a new host and will have everything up again ASAP. We are also working on a Battle Royale kind of gamemode so look forward to that! If you arent already registered on our forums please do so now. And don't forget to join our discord

Network updated

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Thats right! The entire network has been updated to Minecraft 1.13.1. We are aware optifine and many resource packs havent updated to 1.13 yet. However they should soon so bare with us. Were just staying ahead of the game.

Forums Launched

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We finally have a forums outlet. Make sure to sign up!